Paddle Board Rentals

Looking to get out on the water for the day, weekend or take a board with you on vacation? We have everything you need to #getoutandpaddle
Good Vibes 2 Go
Are you heading out on a camping trip, a beach vacation or do you just want to watch the sunset on the bay? Take one of our inflatable paddle boards with you and bring Good Vibes 2 Go.

These boards are easy to inflate with our high-powered pumps that plug directly into your vehicle, and easy to pack up as well, fitting into a backpack duffel bag. They come ready with 3-piece paddles, leashes and fins that take minutes to set up. And if you need a PFD, we have those too.

Our customers have taken them to OBX, Lake Ontario, the Finger Lakes, Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maryland, the Catskills, the Poconos and of our course our beautiful lakes, waterways, bays and beaches here in New Jersey
Good Vibes Local
If you are local to Medford, NJ and have a waterway that you can paddle on, we can deliver our epoxy and inflatable boards directly to your beach, home or dock so that you can enjoy the water where you live. Planning on having a beach or lake party? Let us know and we'll drop some boards off for you. Or if you want to enjoy a date night or day, we can make that happen. 

This rental is great for families in Medford Lakes, Tamarac, Oakwood Lakes, Lake Pine, Taunton Lake, Mimosa Lakes, Centennial Lake and any others that we may have missed. 

We can also deliver to other areas locally, so just let us know where you are...we may just have to add a small delivery/pickup fee.

Daily Rental
$49 per board

Single day rental, pickup/delivery and return included.

Multi-day and multi-board discounts can be applied.

Weekend Rentals
$99 per board

Delivery/Pickup on Friday with return on Sunday.

Multi-board discounts can be applied.

Weekly Rentals
$139 per board

Weeklong rentals for trips and vacations. Delivery/Pickup day before with return day after trip.

Multi-week and multi-board discounts can be applied.